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Thermostatic Taps (TMV3)

Thermostatic taps are a type of faucet that are designed to regulate and maintain a consistent water temperature, typically in commercial or industrial settings. These taps use a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) to blend hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature, which is set and controlled by a built-in thermostat.

Thermostatic taps are often used in healthcare facilities, schools, and other public buildings where there is a need to prevent scalding or accidental burns from hot water. The TMV ensures that the temperature of the water does not exceed a certain level, even if there are fluctuations in the supply of hot or cold water.

Code: PLTP1147
The HTM64 Thermostatic Safe Touch Sequential mixer tap is designed specifically for use in hospitals, healthcare and commercial applications.The long sequential lever rotates through 180° and can be operated by the hand, wrist or elbow.Featuring ‘SafeTouch’ technology, the surface temperature is mai..
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Code: PLTP1138
Wall-mounted thermostatic mixer with removable BIOCLIP spout.Anti-scalding failsafe: shuts off automatically if cold or hot water supply fails.Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns.No risk of cross flow between hot and cold water.Scale-resistant sequential thermostatic cartridge for sequenti..
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Code: EXTT01
This TMV Thermostatic Basin Mixer Tap is a lever operated sequential mixer tap for use with single hole wash hand basins.The control blends hot and cold water and delivers it at a safe and comfortable pre calibrated and non user adjustable temperature of 41°C  hereby balancing and controll..
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Code: GR100TMV
A thermostatically controlled mixer valve for the prevention of scalding. Water output from the valve is limited to 35° to 45°. Ideal working pressure is 1 - 5 BAR. G½" Connections...
Inc VAT: €104.55
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